GTO FM139 50' Vehicle Sensor Exit Wand

50' Vehicle Sensor Exit Wand from GTO / Linear Pro. Works with a variety of slide and swing gate openers and operators.
Part Number: FM139

$148.24 each


GTO FM139 50' Vehicle Sensor Exit Wand

The GTO / Linear Pro Exit Wand is made to work with all swing or slide gate operators made by GTO / Linear Pro. The FM139 measures 50 feet in length. It may also be used with other brand operators. The GTO / Linear Pro Exit Wand comes with complete instructions for easy installation. This GTO / Linear Pro exit wand measures 1.75" in diameter by 16.75" long.

Standard features:

  • An electromagnetic sensor detects moving vehicles and works similarly to buried vehicle loop detectors.
  • Works well with all automatic gate openers or systems which require a dry contact input device
  • This exit wand has an input voltage range from 8-32vAC or 8-26vAC
  • Compatible with solar applications with only a 1.5mA draw
  • While this exit wand may not be used as a safety device, it does have a 2 second relay latch time
  • A common loop detector problem is drive overloads which damage or fail. Not so with with this device!
  • Adjustable sensitivity radius from 3' to 12'
  • Rejects line noise from 50Hz or 60Hz to make your life simpler and reduce cross-talk and interference
Manufacturer Linear PRO Access / GTO PRO Inc
Condition New
Cable Length 50'