What Is A Gate Opener Battery Heater?

Gate Opener Battery Heater For GTO/Linear Pro/Mighty Mule Gate Openers

A gate opener battery heater is created to enhance the performance of your gate opener by keeping your battery at higher temperatures when it gets cold. It can also help maintain the battery at ideal temperatures and ensure your gate works even with negative temperatures. If you live in a colder climate, consider adding a gate opener battery heater to your setup to provide the best chance for your gate opener to work in all temperatures.

What Heater Options Are There For GTO/Linear/Mighty Mule Gate Openers?

If you are looking for a compatible heater for these openers, the FM316 is the ideal companion for your gate opener and is easy to install. This gate opener heater can function in temperatures below 32 degrees F.

Here are some key features of the FM316 DC Battery Heater Kit:

  • Attaches To Gate Opener's 12-Volt Battery
  • Has A 12 Month Warranty From GTO/PRO
  • Made For Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Stops Battery From Losing Charge
  • You Can Wire It To The Gate Opener Circuit Board

How To Install The FM316 Heater

First, install the heater with the green side placed against the side of the battery close to the controller board and ensure the heater is pressed down into the controller box as close as possible.

Then, you should connect the yellow wire pair in parallel with the 18VAC from your GTO transformer in the first two terminal positions.

Next, if you plan on using two heaters, both need to be connected in the same way as the steps above. If done correctly, three wires should be set in each terminal position.

Finally, you can tape the thermostat at the top of the battery with double-sided tape. The thermostat should look like a metal switch in an opaque plastic case.

Important: During installation, double-check that the heater wires do not short to any other circuits or that any objects in the control box are pinching them.

Gate Opener Heater Options

The FM316 DC Battery Heater Kit is created to work with gate openers that are not solar and remain in cold climates. If you are looking for a solution to keep your gate opener functional in cold weather, please view more information on the FM316 below:

FM316 DC Battery Heater Kit