GTO / PRO SW2502 Control Box Parts

Here at Gate Opener King we're dedicated to stocking every GTO / Linear Pro SW2502 Control Box part you could possibly need. In the diagram below, simply select the gray diamond with the number in it to be taken to the corresponding GTO / Linear Pro SW2502 replacement parts product page. Another option is to use the buttons below the diagram for the desired replacement part. Still not sure what part you need? It's okay, our GTO / Linear Pro experts are only a phone call away at (888) 378-1042 or you can send us an email at and we would be more than happy to share our knowledge.

Part Diagram GTO/Linear  Pro / Mighty Mule - Logic Control Board for 2000XL,3000XL,4000XL & MM500 series - R4211 GTO/Linear  Pro / Mighty Mule - Transformer, 18 Volt/40VA (UL ONLY) - RB570 GTO/Linear  Pro / Mighty Mule - Receiver Assembly with Antenna and 10 ft Cable - AQ201-NB GTO/Linear  Battery, 12 Volt, 7.0 Amp Hr. for Automatic Gate Openers Only - RB500