Product Overview: GTO Linear PRO Low Profile Slide Gate Opener Kit

The GTO/Linear Pro Slide Gate Opener is an ultra-low-profile opener designed for single slide gates in residential applications. This gate opener combines powerful performance with compact housing. The GTO/Linear Pro Slide Gate Opener has a gate capacity of 650 lbs. and 24 feet, is rated for 100 cycles per day, and is solar-compatible with the addition of a 12V battery and 10-watt solar panel. This slide gate operator is Class I UL325 compliant and has a fully compatible accessory terminal block for safety loop, exit wand, intercom, or card reader connections. The highlight of the GPX-SL25 Slide Gate Opener are the adjustable stall force and auto-close, causing the gate to stop and reverse within two seconds of contacting an obstruction and programming it to remain open for a set time when activated, respectively.

GTO/Linear Pro Slide Gate Opener Specification

The GPX-SL25 Slide Gate Opener is powered by a 12 VDC (1/4 HP) motor, allowing for an estimated 1 ft/second opening speed. It has a current draw of 40mA when "asleep" and 2-9 amps when active. Additionally, it has an operating temperature range of -5 F (-21C) to +160 F (71 C) and, as mentioned, a compact frame and house of about 12" W x 12" D x 12" H.

What is Included in the GPX-SL25 Slide Gate Opener Kit?

The GTO/Linear Pro Slide Gate Opener included the operator and control board mounted to a lightweight but strong aluminum frame and a housing cover. The kit also includes a 12 V 7amp battery, a 25-foot drive chain, two brackets, a GTO receiver, a GTO transmitter, and an 18 VAC (120 V) transformer. The kit also provides hardware to complete the assembly, including four zip ties, two quick-release pins, two chain master links, four U-bolts and eight nuts, and lastly, three nylon thumb screws.

GTO/Linear Pro Slide Gate Opener Recommended Accessories

There are several optional accessories Gate Opener King recommends for your GTO/Linear Pro Slide Gate Opener from power accessories to safety and access control devices. Find everything you need to install a safe and functional residential slide gate opener system.

The GTO/Linear Pro Slide Gate Opener is a great choice of single slide gate opener for residential applications. While rated for 100 cycles per day, this gate opener still offers powerful performance. If you have any further questions about the GTO/Linear Pro Slide Gate Opener, please reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can.

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