Automatic Swing Gate Openers

Discount Fence Supply, Inc. proudly offers automatic swing gate openers to fit every budget and every need. Swing gates add a stylish and regal dimension to any driveway or opening. Automatic swing gate openers are often used with double swing gates, meaning there's two gates that swing open in the middle. If you use two smaller gates instead of one large one; not only does it look classy but it also means the gates are shorter and lighter, which takes stress off your automatic swing gate openers and helps them to last even longer! Or you can look at our more powerful automatic swing gate operators for a single, larger, swing gate.


automatic swing gate openers


Don't have power to your gate? That's not a problem! Check out one of our solar automatic swing gate opener packages. We also have many compatible accessories to complete your automatic gate system and have it up and running smoothly in no time!